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Precautions Before the Procedure

While laser hair removal can help you live a more carefree life, there are definitely some precautions you need to take before getting the procedure done. In fact, Laser hair removal is considered a medical procedure. And precautions are important for any type of medical procedure, no matter what type.

  1. The biggest precaution we advise is no sun exposure to the area that is to be treated for two weeks prior to treatment, as well as two weeks after treatment. Older lasers used to be extra particular about this – they couldn’t treat any tanned skin at all! With our modern day, advanced technology, we are able to treat all skin types and it is safer to treat tanned skin (and more comfortable), however, if you have a fresh tan, Dolores may still send you home. And Dolores will definitely not see you if you have a sunburn! So avoid the sun if you can, and if not, make sure you are wearing sunscreen and reapplying when necessary!

We also advise no sun exposure for two weeks after treatment because your skin is now more vulnerable to UV rays. As you may know, laser hair removal works by emitting a concentrated beam of light onto your skin (this is the laser), which is absorbed by the skin pigments, damaging the hair follicle. Your skin becomes highly sensitive immediately afterward, and exposure to UV rays could cause skin damage.

  1. Depending on your medication, we may need to wait two – four weeks until you’ve stopped taking it before we can begin treatment. Some  steroids and antibiotics are considered “photosensitizing.” Photosensitizing drugs contain chemical compounds with photo reactive agents that cause them to react to UV light. Again, there is risk for skin damage here, so just to be safe, we need to wait until the drug has run its course through your system.
  1. Please shave before you come in for treatment! This is a confusing one for some, as for many years, the older lasers could not work unless you had hair of a certain length in the area to be treated. Our new, modern lasers are nothing like that – they don’t even like stubble! If you come in with hair still on the area to be treated, we will have to dry shave you before we start. That can get uncomfortable, so please shave as close as possible before coming in!
  1. As an additional precaution, Dolores prefers you to come in with no make up if your face is to be treated, and no deodorant if we’re working on your underarms.

By following these precautions, your laser hair removal appointments will run as smoothly and quickly as possible – leaving you more time to enjoy your hair-free, carefree life!

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