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The Lowdown on Home Lasers

You may have seen many advertisements popping up in the recent months for “fast, cheap, easy laser hair removal in the comfort of your own home”. Wow- a small, portable laser hair removal device, right at your fingertips? If you’re thinking this sounds too good to be true – you’re right.

The biggest “red flag” for these devices is how they offer you laser hair removal at the convenience of your own home – when at a treatment center, like the Laser Center of Port Orange, a doctor is required by law to be on the premises in order for you to get treated! How can someone with absolutely no training be allowed to operate such a device, regardless of how “simple” it is made out to be?

Not only does that sound sketchy, but it appears that this device does not live up to its other promises. For one it turns out that this device is not actual pain-free – many people comment about how this device hurts them! Due to improper instruction and/or not understanding how to properly use the device, people will often turn the dial “all the way up” on the first try – which will result in injury! People who use these types of devices often end up with scabs, which can turn into scars.

Besides not understanding the technology of the device, there is one other way it is not easy to use – it is hard to treat yourself! To do a full body hair removal, at best, you would need a friend to help you not only get to the hard-to-reach areas, but also to check and make sure you are doing everything evenly. Imagine trying the hassle of trying to remove hair on the back of your thighs all alone!

There is one pro we can see to this at home laser hair removal device (provided you are using it properly). We had a client who had her fully body treated, then got pregnant and found she was too busy to come after having a child. Of course, it’s not easy being pregnant, so she opted to wait until after the pregnancy to come back in for big touch-ups. Instead, she chose to do her touch-up treatments at home with one of these devices. She found that not only was it more painful than she expected, the device was so small that it took hours to do her legs! Our laser on site can do your legs in only ten minutes.

So while we can understand the appeal of these trendy, seems-to-good-to-be-true hair removal devices, we still, without a doubt recommend coming in to get your hair removed the correct way! Laser Center of Port Orange will remove your hair quicker, with less pain, and no injuries! Doesn’t that sound like a more pleasant time?

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