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A History of Hair Removal

How long do you think hair removal has been around? 50 years? 150, perhaps?

Actually, hair removal is NOT a modern marvel. Evidence shows that the ancient Egyptians, renowned for their beauty regimen, in fact, invested a lot of time into hair removal. According to an article in Elle magazine, the efforts ancient Egyptians put into removing unwanted hair from their bodies were extensive and quite brilliant! Pumice stones, beeswax, and wax made from a sugar base were all used to remove body hair. Inventive “tweezers” made from seashells have also been found.

Body hair removal continued to the Roman Empire, where women of wealth indulged in the luxuries of smooth, hair-free skin. In fact, in this time, hair-free skin denoted high social standing. Tweezers were still used, but by this time body creams had also been invented to remove hair. Another prominent invention was the beginnings of the razor blades, which were made from flint.

In the 20th century, modern-day razors and blades were introduced to the public. Marketed originally at men by Gillette, the women’s version was released about a decade later. Between the early 1900s and the 1960s, especially once the bikini was introduced in the mid-1940s, women often tweezed their hair if they could not shave. Imagine tweezing your leg!

In the 1960s, the waxes and creams that you are familiar with today were introduced to the public, saving bikini lines and other sensitive areas across the globe!  Waxing (particularly the Brazilian Wax) was made popular by seven Brazilian sisters who opened up a salon in New York City in 1987. The desire for completely hair-free bodies and hair removal methods that would last longer grew until finally, laser hair removal was introduced in 2000.

The art of laser hair removal has kept advancing even up to this day, nearly 20 years later. People have worked hard for centuries to become hair-free and carefree. Honor them by scheduling your complimentary consultation at the Laser Center of Port Orange today!

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