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Budget Breakdown

After holiday extravagance and spending, you may want to buckle down and consider following a strict budget in the new year. We thought you should know that laser hair removal is actually one of the best ways to budget. What many people don’t realize because of the initial payment is that what you pay for laser hair removal treatments is such a small lump sum compared to the actual cost of paying for razors and/or hair removal products over the course of your entire life! Still hard to wrap your head around? We’ll give you a breakdown!


Not all shaves are equal. Sometimes you’re shaving in a rush and only hit the spots you know might show. But sometimes shaving is a full-body, time-consuming ritual. Some people shave daily or only a few days a week. Taking into account many of these variables, it is estimated that you’ll spend 30 hours per year shaving – approximately 1800 hours over your entire life!

If you’re a bargain shopper, you may buy bags of disposable razors and cheap shaving cream. Taking an average on the cheaper side, you’ll be spending around $112 a year, or nearly $7000 over a lifetime on just the cheaper shaving products. If you’re into “treating yourself” and buying high-quality brands, think about $143 on blades alone (assuming you buy you handle only once). High-End shaving cream can cost about $20.  So the more expensive shaving tools will cost you a little under $400 a year… or over $23,500 in your lifetime!


Of course, not everyone shaves. Let’s look at another popular hair removal option: waxing. Depending on which area you’re taking care of, waxing can take fifteen minutes to an hour! If you’re waxing all the common areas taken care of with a laser, that would include legs, underarms, and bikini area. Assuming that takes an hour, and that you wax at least once a month, you are looking at 12 hours a year at home, add in about 6 hours total if you are driving to and from a salon to get this done. That’s about 18 hours a year, or  1080 hours in your lifetime.

As far as cost goes, though it is preferred over shaving because it lasts longer, waxing is one of the most expensive forms of hair removal. This is especially true if you are seeing a professional waxer as opposed to doing it home. A full body wax can average around $150 a month, making this $1800 per year and about $108,000 during your lifetime!

Laser Hair Removal

How will you cut costs with laser hair removal? Just wait until you see this breakdown!

Small areas of the body can take just ten minutes under the laser, however larger areas (such as legs) can take up to an hour. For the sake of comparison, let’s just assume your treatments will be 60 minutes each, even though in reality they will likely be much shorter. A lot of factors go into how many sessions you will need but bet on approximately 5-10. This is about 50-100 per lifetime on laser hair removal. And while we’re conveniently located in the heart of Port Orange, if you aren’t lucky enough to live so close, let’s be generous and add on an extra 100 hours for drive time per lifetime. This will total only 200 hours per lifetime spent on hair removal!

As for the cost?

Prices vary greatly depending on the package you choose, but let’s say that overall you are looking at $4,500 to $10,500 over a lifetime. Even on the high end, this is nothing compared to the amount you would spend on waxing! Not only that, the time you save in addition to the benefits of flawless skin and lack of hassle – neither waxing nor shaving could compare to laser hair removal.

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