For a limited time, buy one get one FREE on various treatments! Book now for smooth, hair-free skin this Summer at an unbeatable price.

For a limited time, buy one get one FREE on various treatments!

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Laser Center of Port Orange is Moving

Laser Center of Port Orange will soon have a new address! As of September 1st, 2020, you can find us located at 3512 S. Atlantic Ave, Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32118. We are so looking forward to having gorgeous ocean views and we know our clients will absolutely love the atmosphere as well.

While moving into a new space is something of a new beginning for us, we are definitely not new to laser hair treatments. With over twenty-three years in the business, experience counts! Why not start a new beginning with us and begin your hair-free, carefree journey today?

Using the latest and greatest technology, removing unwanted hair on any part of the body with laser hair removal has never been so fast, easy, and painless. Laser hair removal treatments use a cooling gel to prepare the skin for treatment, the laser has a cooling tip which makes the treatment virtually pain free. Our vast experience includes many different clients with many different needs with different ranges of skin tone, hair color, and different degrees of hairiness. Yes, laser hair removal can truly be for anyone. We also offer electrolysis as well if that should better suit your needs. (Don’t worry, we’ll discuss this during your consultation!)

In addition to the perks of feeling comfortable in your own skin and appreciating your body more, don’t forget the added benefits of saving time and money!  The average person spends over 24 hours a year shaving and grooming. Depending on the area, one laser hair removal treatment can take as little as ten minutes, depending on the area to be treated! You can be in and out on your lunch break, easily. Concerned about pain? Heard some horror stories about laser hair removal in the past? We assure you, there is no need to worry! With all the advancements in technology over the past decade, laser hair removal is now virtually painless, effortless, and most of all – completely safe.

Schedule a consultation today so we can discuss your individual situation and answer your more specific questions directly. We can’t wait for you to start your hair-free journey and check out our new place!

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