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A Sensitive Subject

Being in the hair removal business, it is not unusual for our clients to come to us with hair in “sensitive” areas or areas that they deem embarrassing. The area on the breast surrounding the nipple, known as the areola is one of those places. This is, in fact, an extremely common area for hair growth, even with women, but clients often fear they are the only one that experiences these sparse, often dark, hairs! We want to stress that this is a completely natural, common situation that many women find themselves in. Please do not feel too embarrassed to inquire about treatment for areola hair!

So why does hair grow there in the first place? Sometimes, it is simply just a matter of genetics. If excess hair runs in your family, and particularly if your mother has hair around the areola, you will most likely be more prone to seeing hair there as well.

This hair could also grow from a hormonal reason. Androgens are a group of hormones that play a role in male traits and reproductive activity. If a woman’s body produces too much androgen, it may result in hair growth in areas that are more typically seen on men. Excess androgen can make a woman grow hair on her face, chest, and abdomen, in addition to creating other, more serious issues (such as skipped or abnormal menstrual cycles). This is why we recommend first discussing your areola hair with your primary doctor in order to determine whether something hormonal needs to be taken care of first.

And yes, we can absolutely remove this hair with laser treatment! This area generally does very well and doesn’t hurt. You will need at least 6 treatments in total, one every 4 weeks. We do not recommend waxing or tweezing the area (tweezing is actually very bad for hormonal hair especially), but as long as you are careful with such a sensitive area, shaving it is okay!

So get rid of that “embarrassing” hair ASAP. Call us today to discuss areola hair removal!

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